How to fix the split in the door trim

A common problem in Toyota Soarers is that the door trim splits, this usually happens just above the speaker or next to the window controls.  To fix this the door trim needs to be removed and then repaired by a plastic welder, then reinforced so that the problem does not reoccur.


Following is the procedure for removing the door trim and what I did to prevent the problem reoccurring.


The first thing to do is remove the window control panel and the wire to the door light.  To do this use a flat blade screw driver and carefully lift the small end (the end towards the front of the car), this is held in place with a snap clip.  Then lift and pull towards the front of the car and the unit should lift out.  Disconnect the 2 wiring plugs on the control unit and the wire plug in the door light.

The next thing to do is remove the clip on the door handle. to do this insert a screw driver where indicated and lift the plastic cover, this will expose a phillips head screw, undo this.

Now remove the Screws from the side of the door near the hinges, these have small plastic caps covering them, the caps just lift off using a small screwdriver.  These screws are different to the one in the previous step so keep them separate and remember which ones go where.



The next thing is to remove the screws across the bottom of the door, again these are different to the others so remember which are which.  Next remove the 2 large screws from under the arm rest.  Now starting from the bottom of the door, using a flat screwdriver pop the trim away from the door frame, it is held in place by a series of pop clips.  Once the pop clips have been undone pull the bottom of the trim out a bit and down, then the top should come out.  Next you need to remove the cables from the back of the door handle.  If you have memory seats then you will also need to remove the cable from the back of the controls.  Now the door trim should just come away from the door and you can take it to a plastic welder for repair.



Before putting the door back together you will need to reinforce the door clips so that the problem does not happen again.  The reason the problem occurs is that the plastic clips where the 2 long bolts under the arm rest are break.  These are the clips that take the strain of shutting the door.  What I did was put a steel reinforcing bracket to work as a large washer to spread the load over the plastic bracket.